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We are leaders in distribution, warehousing and storage solutions 

We provide comprehensive solutions for food, beverage and consumer brands, wholesalers and retailers from our Prague based facilities.

What we do

Brand distribution and sales management 

We provide full brand and product launch, distribution and sales management services for food and beverage brands and companies wishing to distribute their products in the CEE region. Our experienced sales managers have long-standing relationships with leading retailers and wholesalers, ensuring that your brand and products are placed in the right outlets and gain immediate visibility.

Warehouse and storage solutions

Our warehouse facility in Prague is fully equipped for the secure storage of dry, canned, fresh and frozen foods. Our professional warehouse and logistics staff provides accurate and on-time stock management, packing, delivery and inventory services.

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Your brand in our expert hands

With over 19 years as a leading distributor of food and beverage brands and products, we have the expertise, relationships and infrastructure to launch and develop your brand in the CEE region.


For brands: How we work

Market analysis and brand development strategy

We provide thorough market and competitor analysis based on our extensive experience in the CEE market and knowledge of current trading conditions and trends, to develop and implement the optimal launch and ongoing development strategies for your brand and products.

Working in partnership

We develop and align goals, strategies and tactics to ensure that your brand is appropriately represented and developed in the region. We believe that success comes from strong partnerships.

Storage and logistics solutions

From our Prague facilities, we provide complete storage and logistics solutions for dried, canned, fresh and frozen products. Our refrigerated vans deliver direct to stores or central warehouse centres, ensuring your product arrives in prime condition.

Packing Food in Boxes

In demand products, on-time delivery

Our comprehensive portfolio includes canned, dried, fresh and frozen products from leading consumer demanded brands, delivered from our extensive warehouse facilities direct and on time to your store or warehouse.

For retailers and wholesalers: What we offer

In-demand brands and products

Our product portfolio comprises consumer-demanded brands and product categories. We have strong partnerships with stable brands and producers, many of which are exclusive to Brand Warehouse in the CEE region.

In-stock inventory

Robust sales and inventory forecasting and management systems mean that we are able to hold the optimal quantities of inventory. We deliver the products you need, when you need them. 

Expert professional service

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service to our customers. We listen to and take positive action on your requirements, providing strong sales and promotional support to ensure success for the brands and products you purchase from us.

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Warehousing and storage solutions

Are you in need of short- or long-term warehousing and storage solutions? We can help. Contact us with your requirements.


Our Brands

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Contact Us


Přerušená 189 / 4
160 00 Prague 6 - Sedlec

Czech Republic


Tel: +420 725 078 579


Lee Broster


Tel: +420 737 289 076


Michal Hoang

Key Account Manager

Tel: +420 777 018 998


Lucie Hall

Head of Sales and Marketing

Tel: +420 606 052 511


Office Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

Sat - Sun

8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Warehouse Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

Sat - Sun

7:00 am – 5:00 pm


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